Download and Deploy code on AWS Elastic BeanStalk using EB CLI

July 31, 2019

This post will cover how to download and deploy code to AWS Elastic BeanStalk using the EB CLI.

Installing AWS EB CLI on Mac

To install AWS EB CLI on Mac use Homebrew, see the documentation here. For other platforms check the documentation here.


You will now need to eb init Elastic BeanStalk in a directory. This will ask you for AWS credentials if you haven’t set them up there. The CLI will ask you to pick a region, pick the region where you have your EB Environments.

init aws eb

Download your code

Now you will download your code using the CLI by using eb labs download.

download code eb labs download

Deploy code

To deploy code back to the same environment. Use eb deploy.

eb deploy

Farhad Agzamov

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